BT01 Battery Tester (For Solar Light Batteries)

BT01 Battery Tester (For Solar Light Batteries)

Brand: Solar Illuminations
Product Code: BT01
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This handy little battery tester requires no batteries of its own to test any AAA, AA, C or D type battery quickly and easily. With this device you will know which batteries are charged and which batteries are discharged. This simple, easy to use battery tester will confirm the battery status of any AAA, AA, C or D type cell, and even 9 volt batteries too. Use to check the battery status in your solar light, or around the home to test batteries in toys, games, remote controls, electronic devices, flashlights and such like. Batteries not included.

Technical Specifications

Suitable for testing AAA, AA, C & D type batteries (rechargeable or non-rechargeable).
Can also test standard 9 volt (1604, 522, 6LR61) batteries.
Easy to use.
Just place battery between base contact point and the extending arm contact point.
Needle moves to show battery condition.
Perfect for solar light battery testing and troubleshooting.
Batteries not included.


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