FL01 Ground Spike

FL01 Ground Spike

Brand: Solar Illuminations
Product Code: FL01 Ground Spike
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This ground spike is the perfect accessory for our FL06 for those wishing to ground stake their floodlight at the base of their flag pole. Simply attaches to the bracket of the floodlight. Also ideal for temporary applications. This kit consists of a single alloy ground spike which is suitable for attaching to our FL06 floodlight. By attaching this ground spike, the FL06 floodlight can be used from the ground. One spike should be acceptable if the ground is firm. Purchase two spikes if the ground is soft or gets very wet, as this will provide additional support. Easy to attach. Simply connects to the 'U' shape bracket that is supplied with our FL06 floodlight. Colour of spike is black.


Enables a some of our floodlight and sign light fittings to be mounted in to soft surface, such as in grass or mud. Compatible with FL06 or purchase two to use with FL05.

Technical Specifications

Alloy ground spike for our FL06 and FL05 floodlight fittings.
Black coloured finish.
Approximately 16cm (6.5") long.


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