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Our Warranty Policy is listed below.

All our PRODUCTS are supplied with a standard 24 month limited warranty (from date of purchase) excluding all halogen light bulbs and all batteries. Batteries warranties are supplied by the battery manufacturer and may vary. Many of our PRODUCTS have a warranty greater than 24 month and the majority of our solar panels have a 20 year limited warranty (as from 10/03/14). Check the PRODUCT specifications and descriptions for more information. As from 06/02/17 all PRODUCTS must be registered for warranty coverage. If a PRODUCT is not registered, regardless of reason, then a basic 30 day limited warranty will apply. It is therefore highly recommended that you register the extended limited warranty for your PRODUCT at www.solarilluminations.co.uk/registration within 30 days of purchase. The purchaser is responsible for limited warranty registration. If the purchaser is not the end-user then the purchaser must ensure that the end-user is aware of the limited warranty registration. Solar Illuminations accepts no responsibility for failure to register the limited warranty of a PRODUCT (regardless of reason) and no exceptions apply. Technical support may not be available after 30 days (from date of pruchase) if the PRODUCT is not registered.

Limited warranty coverage applies to manufacturing defects only. Warranty coverage does not apply to (and is not limited to) the following: PRODUCT misuse; an incorrectly installed PRODUCT; lack of sunshine; low insolation; seasons; weather conditions; geographic location issues etc. These are examples of human error, Act of God and/or natural environmental effects which would not be covered by any warranty. In addition, illumination times may vary and is not covered by any warranty as we are unable to guarantee the illumination time of any solar light that we offer. Should a genuine fault develop within the warranty period, the PRODUCT will be repaired or replaced at our discretion (after inspection and testing) and in accordance with our Terms, Conditions and Policies. The warranty does not cover weathering, corrosion, residue, surface scratches, fading or discolouration of any surface or finish. Also the warranty does not cover theft, vandalism, damage or destruction (accidental or deliberate), wind, lightning, ice, snow, storm or any other weather related conditions or Act of God etc. No warranty is provided for any light bulbs or any batteries unless provided by the manufacturer and in such instances, any claim would be directly with the manufacturer. Valid, written proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. Without proof of purchase warranty coverage will be denied, no exceptions. For PRODUCTS that use multiple LED's or SMD's we do not define the PRODUCT as being defective unless more than 5% of the LED's or SMD's fail to illuminate. The limited warranty is null & void if a PRODUCT has been altered or damaged due to normal wear & tear, abuse, improper maintenance, liquid ingression, improper use, disassembly of parts and/or attempted repair, modification or alteration. To assist with general troubleshooting we may require several clear photographs of the PRODUCT to ensure that it has been correctly installed and located at a site that is suitable for the PRODUCT to properly function. We do not provide site visits or inspections.