CC01 Solar 12V/24V DC Panel PWM Charge Controller
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CC01 Solar 12v / 24v PWM Charge Controller

CC01 Solar 12v / 24v PWM Charge Controller
CC01 Solar 12v / 24v PWM Charge Controller

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This PWM type charge controller is suitable for 12 volt or 24 volt DC panels. We offer a choice of 3 Amp, 5 Amp or 10 Amp versions. This solar 12V/24V DC panel PWM charge controller can be used as a standalone charge controller or the solar panel can act as a photocell for controlled lighting use.

Technical Specifications

This solar PWM charge controller regulates and manages the solar panel power, battery power, and illumination timer.
This compact control module has LED indicators to display status of charge on the battery(s).
It offers Push button programming allowing the user to choose various load settings.
Accepts and controls GEL, AGM and sealed lead acid type (VRLA) batteries.
Low voltage disconnect regulated by state of charge or voltage.
Detects daytime and night time conditions via the solar panel.
Automatic adaption to ambient temperature conditions.
Safety features for short circuit and reverse polarity protection of battery and lamp inputs.
Automatic voltage recognition.
Float voltage for 12v system is 13. 7 and 24v system is 27.4v dc.
Low voltage disconnect for 12v system11.4 - 11.9 and for 24v system is 22.8 - 23.8v dc.
Reconnect voltage for 12v system 12.8v and for 24v system is 25.6v dc.
Dimensions approx. 11 cm x 10 cm x 4 cm (4" x 4" x 1.5") LxWxD.
Ambient temperature range -40 deg C ~ +50 deg C (-40 deg F ~ +122 deg F).
Programmable lock-out feature for optional use to prevent accidental or unauthorized tampering.
User programmable illumination time of up to 1 to 12 hours or dusk-to-dawn setting (where conditions permit).
Default setting is typically dusk to dawn.
User or installer can set the control module to run from dusk and then shut off after a certain amount of hours.
For example from dusk for 4 hours then switch off, or run from dusk for 6 hours then switch off.
Instructions are supplied should the user or installer need to program or re-program the module*.

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