Ethical Policy Statement
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Ethical Policy Statement

It is our policy to ensure that the highest possible standards are achieved and maintained operationally and environmentally throughout all of the company’s activities.

We will strive to give the client the best and most efficient service possible at all times.

To do this the company will introduce and maintain a Business Management System in accordance with the requirements of our client’s Quality Management Standards.

This system has the full backing of the Managing Director. We will comply with all relevant quality, safety and environmental legislation.

Our Operational Objectives are:

  1. To set Improvement Objectives regarding quality, safety and environmental areas of operation.
  2. To be open and frank with our clients on all matters.
  3. To avoid complacency within our organisation-always trying to improve.
  4. To be helpful and informative with members of the public, when interaction occurs on sites.
  5. To encourage staff training and career development.
  6. To maintain a site inspection programme on all company contracts.
  7. To reduce energy usage within the company.
  8. To reduce fuel usage within the company.
  9. To produce quarterly accident statistics and set safety initiatives to continually improve our safety performance.
  10. To maintain a recycling programme within the company.

As a company, we are committed to the reduction and, where possible, the prevention of pollution. This policy will be made available, on request, to all affected parties–including the general public.

We will monitor environmental developments within our industry and will comply with any new relevant environmental legislation.

We will make every effort to prevent injury and ill health within the company.

We will encourage staff to practice good environmental housekeeping at home.

We are a company committed to meeting our management objectives and to continual improvement. Our performance will be monitored during our management meetings.

The above Policy will be reviewed annually or where there are changes to legislation.

This policy is fully supported by the Managing Director of Solar Illuminations Ltd. Dated 30/11/18.

A signed copy is available upon request.

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