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Warranty Registration Form

Subject to warranty registration, the PRODUCT you purchased from Solar Illuminations has a minimum one year limited warranty (excluding batteries and light bulbs). However, many of our PRODUCTS are offered with an extended limited warranty, up to a maximum of five years. In addition, some components have extended limited warranties up to twenty years. All PRODUCTS must be registered within 30 days (from date of purchase) for warranty coverage. Within 30 days of date stated on the Customer’s invoice, packing list, or order confirmation, you must complete the registration form below and return it to Solar Illuminations. Failure to do so will result in any warranty extension being void and therefore only a limited warranty of 30 days will apply and technical support may not be available after 30 days. We evaluate all warranty registrations using the installation/site address and provided photographs to determine correct and proper use of the product or system.

Warranty Registration Form

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