Sustainable Development Policy Statement
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Sustainable Development Policy Statement

Solar Illuminations Ltd recognizes and accepts the known environmental implications of its engineering works and procedures. As part of our commitment to sustainable development we will take on board any issues identified to us by our clients and will carry out appraisals on significant impacts of our engineering service projects and significant procurement purchases.

As part of the sustainable procurement, information from appraisals may be passed to our supply chain for mitigation in the final design thereby ensuring achievement of sustainable development.

As a company we will undertake appraisals for the following elements as a means of identifying significant impacts for our works:

Climate Change and Air Quality

Minimisation of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution of air.

Travel and Transport

Minimising amount of travelling activities e.g. delivery of materials etc.

Energy Consumption

Minimisation of total energy consumption for activities and support alternatives.

Noise and Vibration

Minimise disturbance and nuisance to people & wildlife from noise and vibration.

Water and Drainage

Reduction of total water consumption and minimise risks of water pollution and flooding.


Reduction of waste produced and promotes re-use, recycling and recovery.

Health and Safety

Maximising opportunities to promote healthy and safe environments in which to live and work.

Geology and Soils

Minimising loss and disturbance of soils and soil contamination risks.

This policy is fully supported by the Managing Director of Solar Illuminations Ltd. Dated 30/11/18.

A signed copy is available upon request.

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