Solar LED Bollard Lights

Solar powered bollard lights are a very popular type of fitting especially for commercial applications. They can be installed in and around car parks, along footpaths, at entrances to commercial buildings, in outdoor shopping centres and such like. They are very easy to install and the LED light output is great in providing low level amenity lighting without causing light pollution. Our bollard light is available in two sizes. The small size is 84cm high and the large size is 104cm high. They are made of extruded aluminium and poweder coated with a black finish. Typical spacing would be around 5m to 10m apart or further depending upon the requirements of the application. It is often more economical to install bollard lighting than to install over-head lighting such as street lights. The BC13 bollard is our own design and available only from us directly. Quick and easy secure, online ordering. UK and Europe delivery available.

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