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CC05 Bluetooth Connect Dongle – For MPPT Charge Controller

CC05 Bluetooth Connect  Dongle – For MPPT Charge Controller
CC05 Bluetooth Connect Dongle – For MPPT Charge Controller

With the Bluetooth Connect dongle you can configure MPPT settings, display system performance, and recall up to 30 days of system history on iOS and Android devices, using the app. This allows the user to view information wirelessly such as battery status, solar panel power, load current, plus other useful data.

Technical Specifications

Must be used in combination with MPPT Charger Controller (Blue)
Compatible with all products that use the MPPT Charge Controller (Blue)
Connects via interface cable directly to communication port on MPPT.
Allows for live information read out of system performance.
Automatic Firmware Update prompt, easily keep your MPPT up to date with the newest firmware.
Live Solar Panel display: solar panel power (W) and MPP voltage (V)
Live Battery display: battery voltage (V) and net (charge-discharge) current (A)
Live Charge Status display: State of charge – Bulk, Absorption, Float
Live Load display: Load Output (or Virtual Load Output) – On or Off
Access to 30 Day system performance history
Performance history displays each days (for up to 30 days): Solar Yield (kWh), Load Consumption (kWh), PV max power / max volts (W / V), Battery min / max voltage (V).
Allows for full adjustment of MPPT settings, including load activation settings, battery charging perimeters, and other essential operational features.


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