Solar Illuminations has been supplying lighting systems to new home builders up and down the country for more than a decade. Whether they are a small independent builder or a large national home builder our lighting systems have found their way into many UK housing estates and developments.

In the summer of 2018, the engineering department at Cala Homes Ltd contacted us about the feasibility of solar powered amenity lighting for one of their new developments in Medstead, East Hampshire. We proposed our solar LED bollard light (model BC13). They loved the idea and we quoted for several dozen units to be supplied and installed at various locations around the site.

In Spring of 2019 the contract was completed and the feedback from the residents was very positive. In fact, so much so that some of the residents requested that more of these bollards be installed directly outside their homes. In the summer of 2019 Solar Illuminations was back at the site to install additional bollards much to the satisfaction of the residents.

The BC13 solar LED bollard has been installed throughout many new home sites and continues to be a highly popular style of light fitting with home builders. This is mainly due to the popularity of bollard lights in the UK in general, and with our solar version, with no connection to the electrical grid, it can be quickly and easily installed almost anywhere. That makes it ideal for illuminating small parking areas, footpaths and for use around general public spaces. It’s powered by clean, green renewable energy and therefore helps meet demanding new building regulations and the government’s carbon reduction legislation.