Solar Lighting for Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA)

What is a MUGA you may ask? Well, it's a Multi Use Games Area that's become increasingly popular in the UK over the past decade or so. The key words 'multi use' are what makes these game areas or sport courts so different. A basketball or tennis court can be limited due to the type of sport. But when an area is aimed at multi-use activities it allows a whole variety of different sports to be played. These can include netball, football, tennis, basketball and even rugby with the right type of surface.

The problem is, many of these MUGA sites are located in areas where there's no mains power or where introducing a new supply and trenching cables could be difficult or cost prohibitive. This is where solar lighting can play an important role. It's quick to install, cost effective, functional and ideal for remote locations. In addition, it's clean, green, renewable energy and therefore ideally suited to parks, recreational areas and general outdoor public spaces. For many months of the year, it's dark by late afternoon or early evening despite the weather being fine for outdoor play. Why have a fantastic sports area that can only be used in daylight hours?

Solar Illuminations can design a professional, commercial grade, solar powered lighting system for a multi use games area, sports pitch or sports court. Floodlighting or area lighting can be supplied with a choice of column, choice of LED colour temperature and choice of operational modes. Typically dusk to dawn illumination is not required, so some of the options available include single or dual timed modes with automatic illumination after dusk. Motion sensors can be incorporated into a system or even manual 'on-command' lighting with time-out feature.

Several years ago, NASA contacted us regarding a project at their Michoud base in New Orleans, Louisiana. Being NASA, their requirements were stringent. They were seeking a high quality, solar powered lighting system with very high minimum and average lux levels. The application was a large sports area for assembly staff to use. They also required a manual on/off switch that could activate all the lights at once, completely wirelessly. Solar Illuminations was awarded the 6-digit value contract and the lighting systems were installed by a contractor later that year.

Whether you have plans for a new MUGA to be installed, or you have an existing one that's not lit at night, give Solar Illuminations a call and see what options are available to you. Free, no obligation quotes, proposals and photometric renderings are available.