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PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)

PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)
PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)
PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)
PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)
PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)
PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)
PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)
PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)
PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)
PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)
PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)
PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)
PO11 Solar 4W+4W LED Lamp Post Light (With Column)

Available Options

This solar powered lamp post comes complete with a choice of 3M or 4M root mount or flange mount galvanised steel column. It is best suited for commercial applications such as parks, recreational areas, parking areas, etc. Each of the large lampshades are fitted with 51 super bright white LED's.

This solar lamp post which features a heavy duty steel pole is designed for commercial applications. Great for public areas such as parks, playgrounds, recreational areas, car parks, etc. Each lampshade section is all aluminium construction, with a vandal resistant clear polycarbonate lampshade, and includes a solar panel discretely built into the top of the lampshade. Each light fitting stands about 66cm high, with about a 36cm diameter lampshade, and contains 51 LED bulbs which never need replacing. Each 4W LED lampshade provides a light output of 408 lumens which is equal to about 75 watts of conventional incandescent lighting. We offer an optional auxiliary solar panel kit - see product code SP02. This optional solar panel kit is recommended for those wanting the maximum illumination time and to provide additional charging during in winter months and in less favourable locations. Colour of product is black. Colour of light output is white. Sold as a single unit.


Used in parks, car parks, housing developments, entrance areas, driveways and pathways etc. It can be used for both residential and commercial applications as well as use in public areas.

Technical Specifications

Typically dusk to dawn illumination (may require auxiliary solar panel kit SP02).
Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.
Discrete on/off switch for manual over-ride.
Aluminium construction with polycarbonate lampshade.
Black coloured finish.
I.P. 65 rating.
Concave upper reflector and convex lower reflector within the lampshade housing, to enhance illumination output.

LED power is 4W per lampshade.
Each lamp contains 51 super bright, high output LED bulbs.
Light output is 408 lumens.
Light output is white through clear, vandal resistant, polycarbonate lampshade.
Suitable for residential, and commercial applications, as well as for use in public areas.
Each lamp section stands approximately 66cm (26") high (max.).
The clear polycarbonate lampshade section alone is approximately 36cm (14") diameter (at its widest (top)) and approximately 28cm (11") high.
Light output is equal to approximately 75 watts of incandescent lighting for each lamp.

Each lamp includes a 12 Volt 9 Amp/Hour rechargeable battery (replaceable) located inside the bottom of the lampshade.
Life expectancy of batteries is around 2-3 years.

A choice of 3m or 4m column is available.
Choice of root mount (direct burial) or flange mount (surface) type base.
Standard columns are galvanised steel, tubular and with a 76mm diameter top.
The root mount column is supplied with an additional 750mm to 1000mm for burial.
The flange mount column is suplied with an anchor kit and template.
Heavier duty columns of 89mm and 114mm diameter are available by special order.
Other column heights are available by special order.
Coloured painted or powder coated finishes are available by special order.

Solar Panel
High quality, discrete, integral, solar panel fixed flush into the top of each lampshade.
Additional solar panels are recommended for boosted solar power (see part SP02).
The SP02 solar panel kit may be required to allow longer illumination time and enhanced charging during the winter months.

Anchor kit is supplied for setting into new wet concrete.
Alternatively, the pole could be bolted to an existing concrete pad using appropriate bolts (not included).


Please Note: This product is a special order and is non-returnable except in the event of a fault (during its warranty period) when the product, once returned will be repaired or replaced.

The solar panel must be installed in a location where it can receive full direct sunshine (when available) and set facing South at about a 45-60 degree angle (where adjustment options allow). The solar panel must not be installed in a shaded or part shaded location and never indoors. The standard specifications of the system (particularly the solar panel Wattage and battery capacity) may need to be adjusted. These components are determined by your geographic location, power consumption (LED Wattage) and the total amount of hours of illumination time required. Such changes to the standard specifications may increase or decrease the cost shown. Please contact us for more information or assistance. The illumination time is estimated and subject to various factors including (but not limited to) geographic location, seasons, temperature, weather conditions & location of product etc. The illumination time of most solar lights can reduce during winter months when the weather is poor and the days are shorter. During this time insolation hours decrease accordingly. Shorter illumination time due to one or more of the above factors does not define the product as being ‘defective’ or ‘not as described’. All solar lights must be used in a completely dark location at night time otherwise they may not illuminate. Nearby strong lighting sources or ambient lighting may affect the operation of a solar light. This does not define the product as being 'defective' or 'not as described'. Please note, if you do not install or use this product for several months the battery may discharge naturally on its own. By allowing a battery to deep discharge it may cause irreversible damage as the battery may then lose the ability to recharge or hold a full charge. Although unlikely, we reserve the right to supply this product with any minor alterations or minor changes to the specifications (shown above by text description or by photographs) due to different supplies or product batches received, incorporating such product changes made by the manufacturer, without further notice. Descriptions, specifications and photographs are updated regularly but may not be current when minor changes to a product have only recently been made.

* View our Terms, Conditions and Polices (including our Returns Policy) for further information.

Solar Lights Data
Price £999.99
Lumen Output 300 lumens per lamp
Equivalent Incandescent Wattage 75 watts per lamp
Approximate Illumination Time Typically dusk to dawn (may require auxiliary solar panel kit SP02)
Approximate Illumination Area Up to about 15 meters diameter
Battery Included Yes
Programable Controller No
Pole Height 3m or 4m
Pole Included Yes
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